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Lunch Lux Carry

Lunch Lux Carry

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Why settle for mediocre when you can dine in style and keep your meals fresh? Make every lunch break a moment to look forward to. You can design and sell neoprene lunch bags to a variety of customers. Parents buy them for their children, students take them to college, office workers want to protect their food in the communal fridge, and don't forget about picnic lovers. These bags keep food cool for a few hours, and anyone can add an ice pack to keep it fresh for longer. They're well-insulated yet still lightweight. You can sell them in two sizes for snacks or four-course meals.

.: 100% neoprene
.: Available in two sizes: 12" × 12'' (30.48cm × 30.48cm) and 14" × 14'' (35.56cm × 35.56cm)
.: Black trim and zig-zag threading
.: One sided print
.: Insulating


1. Insulated lining for temperature control 

2. Durable, spill-resistant material 

3. Compact design with ample space 

4. Easy-to-carry ergonomic handle

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